• Welcome to ECCE: CSC 442 – The Internet and American Life!

    Instructor – Mary Elizabeth Smith ~ msmit1@uis.edu



    General Info

    This course will examine the impact of the Internet on the world in which we live.   Weekly topics are very diverse. One week you may examine how downloading music impacts the recording artist and the music industry and then the next week you may evaluate the annoying impact of SPAM in workplace!  


    Although you don’t need any special software for this course, you may want to download and install a Instant Messenger program. I use Yahoo. 

    Not only is Instant Messaging big in social situations, but it is becoming increasingly more common in the workplace.  For example, I often work remote and have a list of about 35 co-workers on my IM and communicate with many of them daily.  

    My yahoo IM is melizsmith31


    There are no textbooks for the class; all of our readings (approximately 500 pages) are available online. Central to our studies will the be renown series of comprehensive surveys conducted over the past three years by the Pew Charitable Trust Internet and American Life Project (http://www.pewinternet.org/)


    For Technical Help contact Tech Support at techsupport@uis.edu or by phone (locally or outside Illinois) 206-7357 or (in Illinois call toll free) 1-877-847-0443

    Accessing the Course

    On Monday, June 7th you can login to the course and all Course Areas, described below, will be available.

    You must login to the course approximately 4x a week and check your UIS email 3-5 times a week. (I do have the ability to track your time within blackboard)

    Do not send me any email from any other account
    other than your UIS email account.

    Part of the First Assignment

    1.      Email me a digital picture of yourself. 
    Please try to get me a picture, which I will crop/resize, by Wednesday AM at the latest.

    Please include in the email to me the following information that I will share with the class:
    a) where you live
    b) what your major is 
    c) a website that you often visit and the rest of the class would find useful!

    2.      Visit the PEW site listed in the Book section above.

    3.      Spend about an hour at Netlino looking for definitions to IM Slang or Internet words that you have always wondered about or that are new to you.  Keep a list to share.

    Course Areas

    Course Details
    This is the 'home page' for the course and lets you know when anything new or different has occurred.  A 'daily digest' of class activity will be emailed to you nightly and may come from Blackboard Administrator. 

    Even though the Announcements are available via Course Details, you can also access them via this link.

    Discussion Board
    This is where all activity in the class takes place!  Assignments are linked within the descriptive area of each discussion board. 

    Weekly Calendar
    Quick view of the weekly topics and associated points.

    Contains the course description, expectations, grading standards, grading scale and assignment descriptions.

    Pictures and information about others in class!  Great way to put a face with a name.

    My tweets about breaking news about the Internet in our lives! 

    Turnitin Plagiarism checking tool that is used for the Independent PEW Review and Research Proposal project.