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Hi Regan,

I agree that banking online saves money. I donít even buy stamps anymore because the only bill I cannot pay online is to my village for sewer so I just drop that one off. When you mentioned saving on stamps, I have never calculated about how much I save by not using stamps, so I decided to add it up and I save about $50 a year not buying stamps!

I do not currently use software such as Quicken, however I know my bank does support it so its nice to know I have that option when and if I decide to use it. My credit card does have their own organization method where I can track how much I spent on what categories. I never really adjust my spending based on it, but it is nice to have that info presented to me as well.

I, like you, also have an iPhone and banking online has certainly been taken to the next level with it. Being able to see my accounts while I am actually shopping at the store is pretty nice. I agree with your thoughts that calling the bank can be a hassle with waiting on hold and fighting through all the automated prompts. Before online bank I used to use my bankís phone banking system where an automated line could give you your balance and transactions. It is so much easier just to view them in front of me as opposed to having to listen to the whole list to get to one in particular I might be searching for.

I appreciate your insight into the price comparison sights. I feel a little naÔve now by trusting lesser know websites or companies and purchasing from them simply because they had the lowest price. I am fortunate that I have not had problems with it now that I am looking back. I never thought about it before that these sites might be set up as a scam just to draw people in that are looking for the cheapest price and then stealing their info or money.